A glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary (Elder Creer) as he serves a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission- Spanish speaking. On July 1, 2012, he was transferred to a new mission- the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I struck out 3 times in a row; I decided I had to redeem myself...

Hola Famila!
Thanks for the letters this week! Dad I’ll start with you. Thanks for the advice on the Spanish. And my hip is feeling alright. It's getting better but I also haven’t been playing above 50% in basketball. It is still really fun though. Elder Black and I dominate every time we are on the same team. There was one game earlier this week where we kept a running score against some other Elders from a different court that challenged us and we beat them by 30! haha I had 7 or 8 threes in a row and Elder Black did really good too. Some kids try to get really competitive when they start losing but I have realized that it is more important to play team ball and make sure everyone is having fun rather than win every game. I met a friend this week during ball. He is from Florida and his name is Josh Keintz I think. He is serving his mission in Ogden Utah and wants to try and play at BYU-Hawaii after his mission. He is really fun to play with because when I drive I can either take it myself or just throw it up and he'll go dunk it. It sounds like your golf game is still way better than mine
Mom, I want that recipe for that pizza, I can't wait to cook again!
Bry sounds like your still growing but you are still not as tall as me yet, good luck! Tell me about this kid who just joined our ward, Mom said that he wrestled. And is Spencer still playing ball?
Jessie I will just write you personal letters since that is what you like best, k?

So on Friday Elder Rockhill wanted to play softball outside so our whole district went out to play softball against another district in our zone. My last memory of baseball was when I shared in my talk about howsel I struck out 3 times in a row; I decided I had to redeem myself haha. The first pitch I swung out wasn't even close, I was ahead of the ball by like 3 seconds, but then I crushed it. My first two at bats were a triple and a homer. So it looks like I still got it haha. It was fun to play as a district and be out in the sun for once. The rest of the days we just play basketball though since the rest of the people like that better. Elder Black and I still dominate, he threw me a sweet alley oop yesterday.
We started this new game this week as a district to help us learn Spanish. It is called the "Nativo" (native). The whole idea is to speak the most Spanish you can so you convince everyone in the district that you are the Nativo. How we keep track of points is at the end of each day we all go around the circle and say who we think that Nativo is. If you aren't the Nativo but someone guesses your name, you get two points because you spoke enough Spanish to make people think that you were the Nativo. If you were the Nativo and someone guesses your name you only get one point and if you guess who the Nativo is you get one point. It is a really cool game because it helps me try to speak as much Spanish as possible even though it isn't very good. After two days I was in first place with 12 points!
We had some tie trades this week. I got a sweet green one from Elder Black and a sweet gold one from Elder Blakely who just got it from Elder Lowry. I also decided to give Elder Shuster my green and blue tie because he doesn't have very many and his favorite color is green.
We got to watch a church film about Johnny Lingo and his 8 cow wife, I never knew what Kyle was talking about when he would ask me how many cows so and so was, but now I do haha. Well that is pretty much all that is happening here right now.
Crean Siempre, Con Amor
Elder Creer

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