A glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary (Elder Creer) as he serves a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission- Spanish speaking. On July 1, 2012, he was transferred to a new mission- the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prayer is real...

Hola familia!
This week went pretty good. I had 6 TD's and 3 picks in our Turkey Bowl and we won… haha. I got suuuuper sick this week because of something I ate and I thought I was going to die. I don't think that I have ever felt that sick in my whole life and I was thinking of what I should do and I thought I remembered Jase getting sick once and he drank a whole bottle of Pepto Bismol so I followed his example and OD'd on it. The next day I was perfectly better, haha.
We had baptisms on Saturday for a little kid whose older brother was baptized a year ago. His dad is not a member but he comes to church every week so he has good support at home. Things are going pretty good right now in the area but of course things always happen so some of the people we had ready with a baptism date fell and there is nothing we can do about it except for finding more people. It is kind of nice to have Elder Flaquer as a companion because we both know the area really well so he knows a lot of good formers that he taught and I know people that we have taught so things are going really good right now. He is super funny too, well at least in the car or in the apartment. Sometimes the members ask him why he is so serious all the time and tell him to have more fun. We are having a lot of fun together and the days are going by super fast.
I have loved serving in Downtown for almost 4 months now and have made some good friends. The area is continuing to grow, which is a testimony builder that anything is possible with the help of the Lord and as long as we have faith and are obedient the Lord will send his prepared children to us!
On the Spanish update, I am not completely fluent yet but I am way better than I was before. I can understand almost everything except for when they use some slang. Elder Flaquer says that I don't really have a gringo accent so that is good too! I am able to do more in the lessons and that has been nice because before it was just frustrating...I almost wanted to get changed to the English program, haha. I taught the Young Men and Young Women this Sunday and used the recipe for having a successful school year but I made all of the "ingredients" relate to the For Strength of Youth pamphlet.  I think it went well. Of course I brought cookies and they all think I am the best cook in the world, haha so thanks for teaching me how to make those Mom :)
Elder Flaquer also taught me a cool trick we can use in lessons to help people understand what faith is. We use a tea bag and empty all the tea out of it and then we stand it up so it is like a cylinder. Then we light it on fire; so you have a flaming tea bag in your hand.  As the flame gets closer and closer to your hand it gets hotter and hotter.  Eventually when the flame gets to the bottom of the tea bag it seems like it will burn your hand and then it lifts up into the air and doesn't burn you. So you liken that to faith. Christ has told us the things that we need to do and we have to have the faith to do them no matter what will happen to us or what the outcome might be. So as the temptations get stronger to lose the faith, or drop the burning tea bag, we need to exercise more faith and eventually Christ will lift us up.
Our teen convert is doing great and is passing the sacrament every week with his suit and his mom is coming when she gets off work.
We had a cool experience this week. The district leaders all went to a meeting on Wednesday and they came back at 6:00pm and they said that President Winn said that there was someone for every companionship that was ready to accept a baptism date that night. So Elder Flaquer and I took the challenge but we had set appointments with investigators that are already on date for baptism until 8:30pm...and we are supposed to be in our casa at 9pm, so we had half an hour to find the person that was prepared. So what do you do when you have a huge area with tons of houses and tons of potential people to visit to find the one person who is prepared but you only have time to visit one person...so no room for mistakes. The answer is prayer. So we said a prayer and we had the thought to go and check someone that was a former investigator. We drove 10 minutes to her house and knocked on the door and some lady answered and I had no clue who she was because she wasn't the person we were planning on visiting. We found out that the previous family had moved to Mexico and this family had moved in a few weeks before.  Then all of the little girls came to the door and recognized me as the candy man, haha. With the Spirit, we committed them for baptism and they all accepted. It was sweet!  Always trust in the Lord.   Prayer is real.  And God will always answer your prayers! So don't forget to pray!

Siempre Crean,
Elder Creer

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