A glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary (Elder Creer) as he serves a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission- Spanish speaking. On July 1, 2012, he was transferred to a new mission- the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.

Friday, December 23, 2011

We are just waiting for the miracles to happen...

Hola Familia!
This was another tough week for us. Our baptisms fell through again and it is getting harder and harder to find people. We are still trying to be exactly obedient and trying to do everything possible to find people and help them progress so at this point we are just waiting for the miracles to happen.  We have people that are ready we just need to have some more miracles to get them in the water.
My Spanish is improving a lot but my accent is kind of weird because I was learning from an Elder from Mexico and now one from Spain J   So this week we got to go to a Christmas devotional for the mission and Elder Oakes was there and gave us a really good message. We got to meet him and everything. So far I have met the prophet, Eyring, and Bednar in Hawaii and then Elder Holland in Costco and then Elder Oaks at the devotional, pretty good huh! Also a bit of a surprise was I saw Grant or Elder Gallinger at the Christmas devotional, haha.  He is apparently a visa waiter in our mission now so that was kind of crazy. I also got to meet back up with Elder Yancy and my MTC district which was cool. 
I gave a lesson to the youth yesterday and it was about trusting in the Lord.   Everyone in my class is a convert so I had them all share how they were converted and everyone one of them said they really didn't know a whole lot about the church before they joined but they knew that was what they were supposed to do so I took that and helped them realize that in those experiences they were trusting in the Lord. I think it was a good lesson and I shared a good scripture with them in 3 Nephi 19:29.  So read that one! 
 I spent the rest of my money on my mission card last week so I could have stuff to make treats to take to people so I am living off Uncle Steve and Aunt Malia’s present so tell them thanks for me!!
The thing that I have taken from these last couple hard weeks is that I need to continue to put my trust in the Lord. He knows when his children need to get baptized and how they will get to that point, so when sometimes we get upset that things are not going the way we want them to-- then that is for a reason that we obviously don't know. The Lord has his timeline for things to happen and we are the instruments to make it happen.   We need to trust in Him and I know the miracles will come. I am loving how the spirit guides the lessons and how I say things that always seem to be the perfect words. I truly have a testimony of the Spirit and without it we cannot succeed in anything. 
Love you guys and make sure you serve lots! Watch the Mormon message video “Lessons I Learned as a Boy” by Gordon B Hinckley. It’s a good one and is an excellent example of what we need to be doing to be Christlike. I will call you on Sunday but I don’t know when -so be ready!
Siempre Crean,
Elder Creer

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