A glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary (Elder Creer) as he serves a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission- Spanish speaking. On July 1, 2012, he was transferred to a new mission- the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little pieces of gold on my trip up the mountain...

Hola Familia! This week went pretty good. Mom- to answer your questions, I have one experience that answers to all three of these questions. (Questions centered around prayer, forgiveness, and trusting in the Lord- ultimately conversion) It was when I was a greenie and I was having the toughest time as you remember. I remember it was super super with 2 capital S's hard. I remember one morning after feeling like things weren’t getting better, I remember I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father if He loved me-- and I remember I got a strong feeling that He did and that everything was going to be okay..It was kind of like the prayer when I found out I had a tumor.....anyways I had to truly trust in the Lord that this trial was for my good. I knew He knows better and for whatever reason I was supposed to be going through this trial and because I knew it was the Lord’s will that made it easier. I think the biggest blessing of conversion is the access to the Holy Ghost. The more converted we are in the gospel, the more the Spirit will be able to dwell with us and effect our lives but not only that but the lives of others. The whole thing of conversion is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. The more we become like Him, as His disciple, the more converted we are. This includes sacrifice of everything. Luke 14:33. As we give this sacrifice we are honoring our baptism covenants to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ..That means this- Luke 14:27. To take up our cross means that we give our own life to God and not seek our will. Matthew 10:37-39..as we become disciples of Christ "example of the believers" we will have the full companionship of the Holy Ghost to influence our lives and the lives of others. Obviously too another blessing is that you will be happier because you will be developing charity. Charity is key because without it we are nothing, as we lay hold upon every good thing like it says in Moroni 7:19 we will see people as Christ see's them and we will only see the good. When we are this positive we are obviously going to be happy. The important thing is that we need to know how we can lay hold upon the good things...the question Moroni 7:20..the answer is in verse 25. But you gotta break verse 25 down :)… The last part says "until the coming of Christ"..aka conversion. This week we were asked to pray for a mountain to climb..based off the talk by Henry B Eyring in conference. The whole point of this was to strengthen our faith. So I did it. The following day -after I prayed for a mountain, I messed up my knee..and it still hurts unfortunately. But no -I haven't gone to the doctor yet. We are struggling a bit finding people to teach. I have responsibilities to help missionaries in my district...and I am stressing about if I’m helping my companion enough. Whether or not I’m being the best missionary I can be seems to be my mountain. My mountain may be big, but it’s nothing Christ can't get me to the top of...EFY 2007 "Raise me up" listen to it! Anyway so there isn't much work right now so we are praying a ton. However, there were some funny things happened this week. We met this little old lady who is visiting here from Arizona and she basically said she came here to get baptized, so that's just what we'll do haha. So at church yesterday she was rockin a pair of J's hahaha- and she is like 90! It was super sweet. I guess if you are my investigator you wear Jordans, haha. The other thing is that there is a Subway in our area and it is my favorite haha....There is a Mexican lady that works there and the funniest thing is that I speak Spanish right? Well she doesn't know that....and Elder Vital gave me a haircut this week and he accidentally messed up a little and I have a line in the side of my head like down to the scalp so it looks kind of weird...anyways, she told her other co-worker, in Spanish, that I had a bad hair cut but I still looked cute, hahaha. Those are just little pieces of gold on my trip up the mountain haha. I will continue to pray for more faith as my trials are coming so that I can get over them. I know it's not possible without the help of Christ so I have to turn to Him and He will receive me. Alma 5:33! Siempre Crean, Elder Creer

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