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Monday, February 4, 2013

Too bad for him we thought of that and locked them all...

Hola Familia!
So this week I didn't have time to type up the whole story about my leg because things got very hectic here. I will try and type it this week so that I can put it in an email next week.
Well to start things off transfers were this week which were good.
Last night we headed to temple square.  There was a huge snow storm going on when we got there and we were there for over two hours because we had a lesson and then we had to meet with the temple square assistants to plan a training with them for our mission. By the time we left the storm was terrible and our car was stuck in the snow. It took us an hour and a half to get home between getting out of the snow and driving home! Then since it was Sunday night we had to head to the church to do all the information gathering and things we normally do on Sunday nights. One of those things is to pop a bag of popcorn in the kitchen haha. The church was pitch black when we were walking down the hall and we turned on the hall light and a few seconds after we did that- it sounded like pots and pans were falling or something in the kitchen. so we kept walking thinking that was weird and when we got there my companion was opening the door (he was ahead of me because I am still limpin on my leg, I am crutchless now but limping pretty bad still) as soon as he opened the door- it was still dark by the way- and some guy came out and (an interesting smell) filled the air. He went down the hall away from us pretty fast. We called a senior couple who had keys to our office because we accidentally locked them in there and the police.
We waited outside and once our reinforcements arrived, at their lead, we went back inside the church.  We walked down the aisles of the chapel and he was in the corner near the front. We followed him to make sure he left the church. The police showed up and followed his tracks into the snow… the time now was like 10:30pm. They said that he hopped a fence and they were going to go look for him so then they asked me to tell them everything that happened and I did. We called President and he said to lock the doors and go home. We were leaving after locking the doors and we "felt" like we should go back and check the chapel so we did. When we got there we were looking around and we went back to where we found him and he had moved some chairs and there was a window that was behind a huge drape. The window was unlocked and there was one set of footprints in the snow leading up to it. That’s how he got in. It was on the side of the chapel that nobody goes to.  When we got to the church this morning to finish our work there was a set of fresh footprints that led up to the window that was open which we closed, so he tried to come back last night. Obviously he couldn't get in so we looked and he had walked around the entire building and stopped at every window and door to see if it was open. Too bad for him we thought of that and locked them all last night before we left.
Oh and update on my leg...it is still swollen and what not and hurts all the time. I will have PT on Friday and then 3 times next week so we will see what happens. I will be playing ball on p-days in a month just for the record.

Love ya,
Siempre Cree,

Elder Creer

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