A glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary (Elder Creer) as he serves a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission- Spanish speaking. On July 1, 2012, he was transferred to a new mission- the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It was deciding to bring a tie and saving a big bag of candy...

Hola Familia!

Well to start things off, thanks for the package! I needed that stuff, especially the candy haha!

Mom, glad to hear of your challenge to read the Book of Mormon, I will read it with you in any free time that I have. It's cool how the Spirit is always with you when you read that book, huh? Speaking of the Sprit, we have two Elders that left early this morning to go to the Peru MTC, Elder Jensen and Elder Stembridge. Elder Jensen is the super humble and happy kid who loves candy and Elder Stembridge is the one I told you about who played football at Snow College. We got up at 4:15 this morning to say goodbye to them which was kinda sad because I really liked them and I only got to know them for 3 weeks. We became pretty good friends and now they are leaving. Anyways, remember that blue paisley tie that I have had for years that I got for a dance or something?  I wasn't even planning on bringing it on my mission but when I was packing I had a feeling that I should bring it which I didn’t understand because I wasn't even planning on wearing it. Nevertheless, I wore it one day here and Elder Stembridge loved it but I didn’t think anything of it.

And also mom, that huge bag of Mike and Ikes that you sent me-- when I opened the package and saw it, I wanted to open it right away to have some. But when I was going to open it I had a thought that I shouldn't but rather save it for later. Yesterday when Elder Jensen and Elder Stembridge were all packed up I had the prompting that I should send them a package to the Peru MTC where they are headed today. I know that there is a chance that someone will go through the mail in Peru (and take these things) but I felt like I should send it anyways. I also felt that I should write a note on the back of that blue paisley tie to Elder Stembridge. (I wasn't even planning on bringing it.) No doubt I had the prompting back home in my room to pack that tie so that I could send it to Elder Stembridge. For Elder Jensen, that huge bag of Mike and Ikes: even though I love them and wanted to rip the bag open or save them, Elder Jensen probably loves them more since he loves candy more than anything and I am sure he will appreciate them more than I will when he is in Peru. No doubt the thought not to eat them but to save them for an unknown reason at the time, was so that I could send them to Elder Jensen which might brighten his day if he is struggling or something.

This was a reminder to me that we don’t necessarily always understand promptings from the Spirit. In this case, it was deciding to bring a tie and saving a big bag of candy.

Even though the promptings we receive at the time may seem small or insignificant, the Lord has a plan and it is our job to be an instrument in His hand and follow the promptings we receive. I'm going to miss those two Elders, they were great friends and examples.

I also got to see Matt and Spencer this week. They both got here last Wednesday and are doing great. In case you forgot Matt is serving his mission in the Philippines and Spencer is serving his in Germany. It was cool seeing some old college buddies. Would’ve been nice having them there at college last semester!

As for the gym time, the gym is still closed so no ball, NO BUENO! Our district decided to take up volleyball instead. The teams are always the same: ME, Elder Black, Elder Lowry, Elder Jensen, Elder Caulder VS Elder Stembridge, Elder Heaton, Elder Blakley, Elder Rockhill and Elder Shuster. They are always fun games and our district is definitely growing together. It's truly a blessing to be with these guys. The Lord has humbled me a little bit since we have been playing volleyball too. I will play super good one day and have a ton of spikes and what not then I think I am good. J Then, the next day I will play absolutely terrible! haha Obviously I need to work on humility.

The Spanish...umm well it is getting really hard for me. It's like I hit a brick wall almost. The people we teach keep speaking faster and faster and I am struggling to understand what they are saying which makes it hard to respond to them. It gets really frustrating because they will ask a question or something and I won't know what they are saying so I just sit there with a blank face trying to think of something to say. And when I do understand in Spanish I usually know exactly what I want to say in English but it is just not completely there in Spanish yet. I know that the Lord will help me learn it as I have faith and am exactly obedient and I am grateful for all of your prayers.

Well that is all I got this week so I hope everything is going well there.

Con Amor,

Elder Creer

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