A glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary (Elder Creer) as he serves a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission- Spanish speaking. On July 1, 2012, he was transferred to a new mission- the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

He will only give them to us if we are prepared...

Hola Familia!
I really like this area. There are some pretty cool recent converts that are younger.  The miracle baptism that we had last week is doing great. He told us this week that we were the best thing that the Lord had ever given to him in his life. So if I wouldn't have come on my mission there is no way that I could've been an instrument in the Lord's hands and help His children come back to Him. It makes me want to continue to be exactly obedient and work as hard as I can because I really don't know where I am supposed to be going or who we are supposed to find. But the Lord knows and He puts them in our paths just like this man who was baptized last week. He puts them in our paths if we are ready for them. He has prepared people but He will only give them to us if we are prepared.
Every day I am trying to become more like Jesus Christ. I was called by a prophet of God to represent Jesus Christ. I was thinking a little about that this week too. I thought what does it mean to represent Him? So far I think that if I was called to represent Jesus Christ it is because He can't be here. If He could be here teaching these people and performing miracles He would be, but He's not. He can't be here so I was called to represent Him. That means that I should try my best to be like Him and represent Him, do the things that He would do if He was here.
I also think that being senior companion is helping me become a better leader.  I am learning how to positively motivate my comp and others and I think it is helping me out a lot.
 That is pretty much it for this week; we spent most of the week contacting referrals without much luck.
Hope all is going well. Love ya!
Siempre Crean,
Elder Creer

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