A glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary (Elder Creer) as he serves a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission- Spanish speaking. On July 1, 2012, he was transferred to a new mission- the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

If I could give Him a plate of cookies to influence Him...

Hola Familia!

So I have some pretty big news...OUR MISSION IS SPLITTING JULY 1st! Isn't that nuts! We had a mission meeting this week and the prophet said that because we have been having a lot of success we are going to be splitting the mission. Now there is going to be The Utah Salt Lake City mission, Salt Lake City South, Salt Lake City North (Ogden), Salt Lake City West, and Salt Lake City Central! 5 missions in Salt Lake. They already have the new mission presidents too.  The boundaries are all changing and everything. Everything that is in the west zone and south zone will be part of the Salt Lake City West Mission. So that means all of west valley and whatever is in the south zone. So whoever is called to serve there on the June 13th transfer will be changed to the other mission. The rest of the people that aren’t transferred will stay part of the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. And that is where President and Sister Winn will be serving too. The cool thing is that our mission will be growing bigger. We are going to lose West Valley and the south part but then we are going to extend all the way to Bountiful and Layton! Pretty cool huh! I will go wherever the Lord wants me to go, but if I could give Him a plate of cookies to influence Him I would want to stay with Pres and Sis Winn. :)...so transfers are in two and a half weeks, then another transfer and I will know what mission I will be a part of!
Things are going really well here in Rose Park. We are having a lot of success and the Lord is blessing us a lot. We had another baptism last week. It’s the lady who went with faith to her boss to get Sunday’s off of work so she could go to church with her family.  Her story was amazing and the fact that she got baptized was a miracle in itself. So for our baptism, the AP's came, Pres and Sis Winn came and they brought investigators. We also had 4 investigators there as well, and some missionaries from my district had investigators there. So it was a packed house. The baptism was going very well until I was in the water with her and the doors that are supposed to open so the rest of the people can see the baptism wouldn't open. They tried for like 10 minutes and they couldn't get them open so we had just the investigators and my comp and Sis Winn and the witnesses come and squish together in the back so they could see the baptism. This sweet lady told me that she didn't think that Satan wanted her to get baptized but that she was going to prove him wrong!  
Well that is pretty much everything. Wish me luck on my cake that I have to do for the wedding haha I hope I don't mess it up!
Love Ya!
Siempre Crean,
Elder Creer

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