A glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary (Elder Creer) as he serves a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission- Spanish speaking. On July 1, 2012, he was transferred to a new mission- the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She said she couldn't just meet us in one day and then get baptized...

Hola Familia!
K so conference was great! We got to sit super close for almost every session! We actually got in to every session this time and on Saturday morning we didn't have a single ticket, haha. The coolest thing was one time we were standing in line because someone gave us tickets and we happened to be standing behind someone related to or in the Mormon Tab and they gave us front row seats for the next session so that was sweet. My faith was definitely strengthened especially after the soldier story that President Monson shared in Priesthood meeting.
Things are going really well in our area right now. On Thursday the Zone Leaders came over for morning study. When I was reading in the Book of Mormon I had the prompting that someone in our phone was ready to be baptized. We were given a challenge to look in our former book for someone because for each area there was someone ready to get baptized. So I thought that maybe there was someone in the phone who might not be in the area book. So I got my phone out and started looking at all the investigators in our phone. Each person that is an investigator or was at one point in this area is in our phone and before their names there is an   I..(for investigator). So I looked through all of the investigators in our phone..There are 116. I didn't know which one was the one we needed to talk to. We are encouraged to find those prepared. So I thought what better way to find those prepared than to ask them. So I sent a text to all 116 people saying that we were the missionaries and we would like to stop by and visit them and asked when we could. So we ended up getting 5 return appointments of the previous investigators among the phone contacts. One lady asked if we could come by soon. So she set the appointment for the following Monday, the (current) day was Thursday. But then I got another prompting that we really needed to go on Thursday, the same day. So I talked to her again and she finally agreed to let us come over. She told us about a missionary.  For one straight year he would teach her. As everyone knows we get transferred in the mission so it is crazy that he taught her for one year. Every time he would get transferred, she would happen to move or have already moved to the same area and he and his companion would happen to see her in a store or something. So this continued for one straight year. She told us she never got baptized and she said she knew why we were there..I was happy she did because I just knew we were supposed to be there, didn't exactly know why. She knew at that point that she needed to get baptized. So we committed her and she said yes!! Buuut when we tried to put her on date she wouldn't accept a date. She said that this previous missionary spent one whole year trying to save her, trying to help her come unto Christ through baptism. She said that he was like family to her and that she couldn't just meet us in one day and then get baptized because that wouldn't be fair to him. Through a series of small miracles, we tracked down this previous missionary, although he lives back east,  amazingly he told us he was visiting in Utah.  We were freaking out, haha and we told him the whole story of what happened and he called her right away. He called us right back and said she would be getting baptized the next day. It was crazy!! So she got baptized on Friday!! We met her on Thursday and she got baptized on Friday!
How did this miracle come to pass? The answer was given to us in conference. Angels are around us. I think Neil Anderson said it. No doubt it strengthened my faith and the faith of my companion and the faith of this new member. It begins with obedience, and then we are available to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. Then he gives us promptings and as we follow them, miracles happen! Once again we are reminded that the Lord sends his prepared children to his prepared servants!
Well hope all is well! Love Ya!
Siempre Crean,

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