A glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary (Elder Creer) as he serves a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission- Spanish speaking. On July 1, 2012, he was transferred to a new mission- the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I was thrown from my bike superman style...

Hola Familia! So transfers were on Wednesday...the big one...to see who goes west and who stays...annnd as you know I am going to the new west mission! My companion is Elder Homer. He was my Zone Leader for 2 transfers when I was in Rose Park. I am a Zone Leader now too! It was super hard to be separated from the main mission. I was getting to be really good buds with Elder Rasmussen and Elder Owen too and they are both staying in the SLC mission. There were 76 missionaries that left the SLC mission to come from the new west mission and we will be getting more and more missionaries to our mission now that are actually called to the Utah Salt Lake City West Mission. I was totally fine with going to the west, I told you on Mother’s Day I was probably going -remember? haha...But it was hard to leave some of the missionaries and Prez and Sis. Winn. At transfers though I found out that Elder Shuster, Elder Morales and Elder Dreyling will be joining me in the west. Elder Shuster said once he had found out that he was going to be staying in the west mission he began praying that I would be moved out to the west with him which was kind of cool to hear. Right now we have 3 zones, so I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be one of the 6 leaders in the mission. It is going to be kind of stressful and hard I assume because we have to create a whole new mission and as leadership that is mostly going to fall on us. I think that it is going to be a great blessing to be able to be a part of this, not many people can say that they were able to start a whole new mission. I know I have a lot to learn and work on to help the mission be successful, especially as a young Zone Leader. I will have to learn as much as I can from my companion who has been a Zone Leader for awhile and also from President and Sister Swain! I am excited and ready to learn and start this adventure! For the third straight time I was just put in an area that hasn't had much success for a long time. I am kind of like “please give an area with people already on date to be baptized!” Still hasn't happened yet but I am hoping for it someday haha. But I actually kind of like the challenge as you would probably guess. The crazy thing is that this mission will have NO cars! So we are covering our zone on bikes! haha And the zones are pretty big. This past Thursday we had to go around to all of the district meetings in the whole zone, on bikes. It took foooooorever haha. I think I am going to lose some weight with this for the next year too :). So I have to tell you about my bike. My companion didn't have a bike last transfer because he was in a car too but he took one of the Sister’s bikes because it was a Trek road bike and she was going to the other mission where there are cars. So he is riding a women’s Trek bike haha. So we had to go to the office and see if there was an extra bike there that I could use. We found one. There was only one. Annnnd it wasn't even a women’s bike! It was a little girl bike haha like teenager size. It is purple. Brakes are terrible haha. The seat is like a metal rod. It is great. So let me tell you about my bike adventures. Two days ago we were riding down a big hill, since we are on bikes now I am going to enjoy it...so I was pedaling as fast as I could down the hill and then my right pedal fell off, haha. So I had to stop which took forever and we tried to fix my bike but it seemed unfix-able; luckily there was this member that saw us and he fixed it for us later that night. But for the meanwhile I was pedaling with only one pedal because we had lessons we had to get to, haha. Then yesterday I almost died! Well not really but in my crazy exaggerated imagination it seemed like it. The first time was when we were riding on the side walk and then this motorcycle drove by and he honked and pointed real cool with one finger right at us so then I decided to return the favor and I pointed back at him (in the same cool way he did to me of course) and I lost control of my bike and I got both hands on the handle bars and swerved into the grass and hit a big pothole and flew off my bike and I landed on a small store's sign and broke it and my bike went flying and the chain broke hahaha. So I had to fix the sign and then my bike. My comp said it looked hilarious. So then later that night we were on our way to our apartments and I was racing my companion...remember he has a road bike and I have the equivalent of a turtle with wheels haha. So we were racing and we were neck and neck and I decided to take a short cut so I could beat him and I went through the grass and was heading for the road again and there was a big curb. But this curb was angled up instead of a drop off...and remember my brakes are bad so I had one choice if I wanted to beat my comp in the race and that was to jump the curb. But my bike weighs as much as I do and so I lifted with all my might, still going full speed and the front wheel cleared the curb and the back wheel didn't quite make it and I am not too sure what happened but I was thrown from my bike superman style and barrel rolled in the air and had a graceful landing and the front of my white shirt was completely black because of the asphalt but luckily somehow my tie was not harmed. Just my shirt, haha. My chain broke off again during this crash too haha. So now all is well. Well that is all I have to share from the west adventures for now. I don't know anyone in my zone except for my companion but I am sure it will be a great experience so I will keep you posted on what is happening Love ya! Siempre Crean, Elder Creer

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